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Health & Safety - Further Information

Tree owners have a legal duty of care under the Occupiers' Liability Acts 1957 & 1984 to have their trees inspected on a regular basis by a competent person and to ensure that they do not present a danger to others. Owners of trees may also have concerns about particular trees from a safety perspective and may wish to have them inspected by a suitably qualified and experienced arboricultural consultant.

Main Types of Survey

Specific Tree SurveyComprehensive SurveyNegative Reporting Survey

This comprises an assessment of specific trees, often in response to pereceived problems. Such trees might, for example, have visible cavities or fungal brackets on their trunks
or structural characteristics that may predispose them to failure. These surveys usually involve the use of specialist decay detection equipment and/or climbing the trees in question. APArboriculture has access to the latest decay detection devices, including a Resistograph F400 Decay Detection Drill and a PICUS Sonic Tomograph. Click here for a sample Specific Tree Survey Report.

This type of survey entails comprehensively surveying all of the trees within a site and recording details of each tree (and any tree works that may be required) in a Tree Survey Schedule. Each tree is tagged using a low invasive Latschbacher tag, which serves as a reference for future surveysThe locations of the trees are also shown on a Tree Location Plan. The advantage of this type of survey is that it provides a definitive record of all of the trees within the site for subsequent management purposes. Click here for a sample Comprehensive Survey Report.

As with a Comprehensive Survey, a Negative Reporting Survey involves inspecting all of the trees within a site. The difference in this case is that only those trees for which works are required are tagged (using low invasive Latschbacher tags), recorded in a Tree Survey Schedule and shown on a Tree Location Plan. This type of survey can be recommended in many situations as it will be less costly than a Comprehensive Survey and is an accepted method of surveying trees (including by the Health & Safety Executive). Click here for a sample Negative Reporting Survey Report.

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