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Planning & Development - Further Information

If you are submitting a planning application that may affect trees, you will need an arboricultural report. Ideally, the trees will be surveyed before the design is drawn up by your architect so that the tree constraints can be taken into account. In practice, the design is sometimes drawn up before the tree survey takes place. This can work too, but it does mean that the design may need to be altered further down the line.

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Your full arboricultural report will be e-mailed as a pdf document and will include the following 3 elements:

A Tree Survey Schedule. A Tree Survey is carried out in accordance with the relevant British Standard (BS5837:2012) and will include trees within and immediately adjacent to the site with trunk diameters over 75mm (3 inches). The Schedule is then produced using a database application (Filemaker), incorporating details of the trees, a thumbnail photograph of each tree/tree group and details of any tree works. Click here for a sample Tree Survey Schedule.

An Arboricultural Impact Assessment. This considers the impact of the proposal on trees. It looks at which trees would be need to be removed, any pruning works that will be necessary and how the proposal may affect the retained trees.

An Arboricultural Method Statement.
This provides details of exactly how the retained trees need to be protected throughout the development process.  It includes a Tree Protection Plan produced with Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. This is a scaled plan showing the proposal in relation to the surveyed trees and the required tree protective fencing and ground protection. 
Click here for a sample Tree Protection Plan.
Fees at APArboriculture also include any verbal or e-mailed advice required during the pre-application and application stages of the proposal - we are here to help and ensure that everthing runs smoothly for you.

APArboriculture offers additional services that you may wish to make use of. These include a tree location plotting service using a laser measuring device (useful if you do not have a topographical survey showing the tree locations) and provision of landscaping schemes/plans (often necessary to discharge landscaping conditions of planning consents). 
Click here for a sample Landscaping Plan.

You will normally need to submit your arboricultural report to the Local Planning Authority at the same time as your planning application, so it makes sense to commission one at an early stage. 

Any queries? Please do give Andrew Pinchin a call on 01932 450104 for some advice on how to proceed.

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